January 2018: The Griffiths Teas Apartments completed

17th January 2018

Our Griffiths Teas Apartments in Surry Hills, NSW reached completion in December 2017. Built circa 1913, the distinctive wedge-shaped brick building was originally a storage warehouse for Griffiths Bros Pty Ltd, which was a household grocery brand of tea, coffee and cocoa in the early to mid-20th century. The late Federation warehouse lay disused since the mid-1980s.

Developed by Cornerstone and constructed by Growthbuilt, the transformation encompasses 37 luxury apartments in the upper levels with the two lower floors as a retail tenancy for Chin Chin’s flagship Sydney restaurant. Great care has been taken to leave the original brick and timber structure exposed, whilst dividing the spaces internally with new elements inspired by the tea boxes which once laid within. A pixelated screen conceals the new upper level, which blurs the boundary between the building and the sky while leaving the visual emphasis on the existing brick parapet.

PopovBass is proud to announce the promotion of several members of its staff over 2017.

Natalija Sarar – Director

Natalija has overseen PopovBass’ accounts and finance since 2013. As a qualified accountant with extensive marketing experience, Natalija applies her skills and knowledge to the day to day particulars, as well as managing all facets of the business.

Farnam Ghazizadeh – Associate

Farnam brings a wealth of experience to PopovBass with over 15 years in the architecture industry as a registered architect across numerous residential and commercial projects. Recently, he coordinated the construction of Bellevue Hill House IV as the project architect.

Christina Lucic – Associate

Christina joined PopovBass in 2011, and has since completed her Master of Architecture and attained accreditation as a registered architect. She has been involved in a range of projects over the past 6 years, and is the project architect for the Griffiths Teas Apartments.

Anthony Zonaga – Architectural Graduate

Anthony has been a part of the PopovBass team since 2014 and now joins the practice full-time after completing his Master of Architecture in 2017. Anthony achieved First Class Honours equivalence through the production of his minor thesis on video game architecture.